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Zotter Zotter Drinking Chocolate - Birds Eye Chilli



A lot of chilli. This smart bitter chocolate indulgence invigorates the senses.

content: 100g
content: 5x100g
ArtNo: 1652

Zotter gives zest to the drinking culture. His drinking chocolate is available in the classical varieties as pure chocolate bars and in the avant-garde varieties as hand-scooped bars. The ingredients of the pure chocolate bars such as chilli or bourbon vanilla are directly incorporated during the chocolate manufacturing and poured into moulds after the conching process. In the case of the hand-scooped varieties the drinking bar is created layer by layer. A basic layer of chocolate is followed by the filling which is applied manually and in several layers. Finally the creation is covered with a chocolate coating.

Two shapes – one objective: An experience of taste which your palate will remember for a long time.

Drinking Culture:
Every culture has its rituals. Anyone who does not attach importance to rituals should try it nevertheless, to please his palate. Small filled Drinking Bars bathe in foamy milk.

One portion of Drinking Chocolate is suitable for 0.2 l of milk. First heat this amount of milk for a short time and froth up using a milk-frothing device. Afterwards put a piece of Drinking Chocolate into the milk and wait for 1-2 minutes until it starts to dissolve. Then whisk the chocolate to give the best possible distribution in the glass. The aroma of the Drinking Chocolate is now at its heightand the chocolate is ready to drink.

100 gr (3.53 OZ) packages at 5 bars per 20 gr (0.71 OZ)

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