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Gölles Goelles - elderberry


Elderberry schnapps is not only outstanding in a culinary sense; it is also a very good remedy for digestion problems.

bottle: 0.70l
ArtNo: 2207

In earlier times, this made it indispensable in every medicine cabinet. In this case its healthful effects are a pleasant bonus to the impressive taste experience.

Although only the fully ripe berries of the elder are used for this distillate, the schnapps presents the entire complexity of elder fragrances: the blossoms provide a very seductive smell, the wood adds its characteristic scent, and the result is a distillate featuring a typical and subtle elder note in the nose and on the palate. This schnapps is playful and finely nuanced, sweetly scented, gracefully tangy, potent, sometimes slightly bitter on the finish and full of character. And if the need arises, it is infinitely preferable to any bitters.

45 % vol alcohol

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